Peessa Ella Fall stands as a majestic testament to the natural wonders of the Uva region, its allure heightened by its relative obscurity among the plethora of waterfalls in the area. Rising to an impressive height of 45 meters, Peessa Ella Fall derives its enchanting waters from an aquifer nestled atop Lunugala Mountain.

Travelers can reach Peessa Ella Fall from the A5 road, which connects Peradeniya, Badulla, and Chenkaladi, near Lunugala. If coming from Badulla, one can proceed directly on the A5 road or take the B113 road from the Ella area. Alternatively, those traveling from the Buttala side can opt for the B359 road, starting from Pelwatte on the Buttala-Wellawaya road, for the shortest route.

The name "Peessa" originates from old Sinhala and refers to a gathering place, reflecting its historical significance. Legend has it that King Dutugamunu assembled workmen here for the construction of religious structures such as vihare and dagabas. The Peessa Canal, stretching 5 kilometers, irrigates approximately 20 hectares of land in the agricultural colony throughout the year, starting from a point resembling a minor waterfall. Additionally, the area boasts five turbines supplying power to the surrounding region.

To reach Peessa Ella Fall from the nearest town, Passara, travelers can take the Passara-Bibile road and turn right at the 22nd milepost, then continue south for 6 kilometers. The fall is situated within the Peessa Agri-Colony. Transport options include arranging travel from Badalkumbura via Wallas Falls to Peessa village or from Hoptain Estate along the Kalugahatene road to Peessa village. Another route involves traveling from Badulla to Passara, continuing to Lunugala and then to Hoptain Estate, where a right turn leads to Peessa, about 8 kilometers away.

For those seeking a more adventurous journey, trekking along the path to the right of Peessa Canal road provides a scenic route through savannah grass undergrowth, accompanied by the sounds of local wildlife. This trek spans approximately 1.5 kilometers and offers a unique perspective on the natural surroundings.