The Mana Ella Ella Falls, also known as Manawala Ella or Manawela Ella, is a breathtaking natural wonder nestled amidst verdant tea plantations. Its upper reaches consist of seven stone basins, from which water gracefully cascades down onto the Welimada Plateau and flows through the Uma River valley, ultimately forming the twin falls. One of the streams descends freely, while the other encounters a rock, creating a captivating fan of water that resembles the elegant feathers of a peacock.

Manawela Waterfall is a picturesque cascade situated in the Welimada area, specifically within the Lunuwatta Divisional Secretariat Division of the Badulla District in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka. To reach this captivating waterfall, one typically travels from Welimada town towards Lunuwatta via Ambagasdowa. After reaching Lunuwatta, you can access the waterfall by driving approximately half a kilometer on the road near the Lunuwatta Divisional Secretariat. From there, a dirt road on the south side of the bridge near the Lunuwatta Ganadevi Temple leads to the waterfall, which is about 200 to 300 meters away.

The distance from Welimada town to Manawela Waterfall is approximately 15 and a half kilometers, making it a relatively accessible destination for those seeking to marvel at the beauty of nature and experience the tranquility of this serene waterfall tucked away amidst the lush landscapes of Welimada.

Legend has it that this enchanting waterfall holds significance in the history of Sri Lanka. According to folklore, it was frequented by ancient kings for leisurely pursuits. Stories suggest that the virgins of King Walagamba would bathe in its pristine waters as the king himself looked on contentedly. Another tale attributes the waterfall's association with a regional king named Manabharana, who supposedly ruled from this area. It's believed that a palace once adorned the top of the falls, serving as a retreat and bathing place for the royalty of bygone eras.

Whether steeped in myth or rooted in historical accounts, Mana Ella Ella Falls stands as a testament to the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Sri Lanka, inviting visitors to marvel at its splendor and ponder the tales woven around its majestic waters.