Idalgashinna is a small village in the Badulla District of the Uva Province of Sri Lanka. It is located at an altitude of about 1,615 m above sea level in the Haputale - Namunukula mountain range.

In the vicinity of Idalgashinna, there are several prominent peaks and mountains within the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Kirigalpoththa and Thotupola Kanda are two notable peaks in the area. Kirigalpoththa is the second-highest mountain in Sri Lanka, standing at an elevation of 2,388 meters (7,835 feet) above sea level, while Thotupola Kanda is the third-highest peak in the country, with an elevation of 2,357 meters (7,733 feet).

These peaks offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape, including lush forests, tea plantations, and mist-covered valleys. Hiking to these peaks is a popular activity for adventure enthusiasts visiting the region. If you're referring to a specific mountain known locally as Idalgashinna Mountain, it might be a lesser-known or localized feature in the area