The Arawakumbura Dunhinda Ella Falls, standing proudly at a height of 45 meters, retains its majestic flow even during the dry season, offering a mesmerizing sight for visitors. Its name pays homage to the famous Dunhinda Falls, renowned for the misty spray formed by its cascading waters.

Flowing gracefully from the Ibban Oya river, a tributary of the Gal Oya river, the Arawakumbura Dunhinda Ella Falls draws its life-giving waters from the lush landscapes of the region. Surrounding the falls are several valuable tree species, including the esteemed Suriya, Mara, Bulu, and Nellie trees. However, the area has faced the unfortunate consequences of colonization, resulting in deforestation and the loss of these precious trees.

Despite these challenges, the Arawakumbura Dunhinda Ella Falls remains a stunning natural attraction, visible from the Lunugala-Bibile road. Situated near the Alakola Mountain in Lunugal town, just 6 kilometers from the Batticoloa road in Arawakumbura, within the Passara Electorate of the Badulla District, the falls beckon travelers to witness the timeless beauty of nature and reflect on the importance of conservation efforts to preserve such treasures for future generations.