The enchanting Uva Province traces its origins back to 1896 when Governor Sir Arthur Charles Hamilton-Gordon, captivated by the allure of Badulla, officially declared the establishment of the Uva Province. Badulla, serving as the pivotal administrative hub for the British in the region, became the nucleus of this newly-formed province.

Uva Province encompasses the picturesque districts of Badulla and Monaragala, nestled between the eastern, southern, central, and Sabaragamuwa Provinces. Before the inception of Uva Province, the captivating landscapes of Bintenna, Viyaluwa, Wellassa, Udukinda, and Yatikinda were part of the central province, while Wellawaya and Buttala belonged to the southern province of Ceylon.
Governor Sir Arthur Charles Hamilton-Gordon orchestrated the unification of Bintenna, Viyaluwa, Wellassa, Udukinda, Yatikinda, Wellawaya, and Buttala to give rise to the Uva Province. Today, Uva Province stands as the fourth largest among the 9 provinces, beckoning tourists to explore its rich history and breathtaking vistas.