About haldummulla

This tourist zone which is peaceful and quiet is an ideal destination for nature lovers. Scenic lush green views of plantations and blessed mornings full of mist would give travellers infinitely remarkable memories in the setting. It is impressive that both the highest and the second highest waterfalls of Sri Lanka, respectively, Bambarakanda and Diyaluma falls being located in this zone bringing both beauty and fame to the area. When it comes to upper Diyaluma waterfall or the top part of Diyaluma, it has infinitely beautiful natural pools at different levels where you can let the adrenaline lover within you to wake up. Your visit would give you maximum pleasure if you could visit these waterfalls after a rainfall as the water level can be decreased during dry season; however, if you wish to swim in natural pools it is better you make your visit during summer months. Apart from waterfalls, Devils stair case often described by tourists as “Devil’s way with a heavenly end” is a breath taking destination where you can experience the murmur of fresh mountain air. Diving and swimming in natural pools, chilling in surrounding rocks, talking with locals and tasting local snacks are some of the activities you can do to entertain yourselves.

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