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This tourist zone also has the beautiful and mysterious setting of the hill country giving us the experience of a mild and gentle climate. It has both culturally and naturally attractive places which can create unforgettable and remarkable memories within our soul. Bomburu Ella which is also known as Perawella Falls with refreshing and clean water is one of the enchanting marvels of this stunning landscape. This is situated in the Sita Eliya Kandapola Forest Reserve. This is 30 meters in height and it is considered the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka. You can reach this beautiful destination by public transport, private vehicle or three-wheeler. This spectacular waterfall is in fact a collection of a cluster of small waterfalls. As there can be leeches in the premises, you can collect necessary items if you are scared of them. This zone is also spiced with legendary Ravana stories. Divurumpola Temple (Raja Maha Viharaya) is one such venerated place directly connected with Ravana, Rama, Sita Tale. It is said that princess Sita has undergone the fire ordeal or Agni test in this temple to prove her chastity to her husband Rama when she was discovered by him while she was being hidden by Ravana.


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