Passara- Lunugala tourist zone is another eyecatching tourist destination in the hill country surrounded by lush green tea plantaions and the smell of pure Ceylon tea.  As a tourist zone it is not very famous among the local and foreign tourists, but it does not mean that it is lack of attractive places to visit. If somebody asks what kind of places it has, what I have to say is “It has lovely and unsophisticated places belonging to Mother Nature where you can stop for a while and rest”. Peessa falls originated from an acquifier in the peak of Lunugala Mountain is one such cascading waterfall with an unprecedented beauty which does not dry even in dry season. In additon, this tourist zone has attractive locations such as Aradunu falls which is named so due to its bow like shape; Besam wala in this zone is a kind of natural pool where you can enjoy a safe bath amidst the wonder of nature. Apart from that, you can enjoy the calmness and coolness of Pitamaruwa village which leads to mini world’s end in this tourist zone.

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