About Badulla

Badulla- Haliela tourist zone is a picturesque landscape which blends both natural and historical aroma.  Muthiyanganaya Temple, St. Mark’s Church, Old Welekade Market, Bogoda bridge and Dunhinda falls are fine examples for this amazing blend. Travellers often say that accessing this amazing zone via train itself is an exciting and unforgettable experience as it gives the glimpse of the beauty of up country in a single journey. If you travel by a train from Colombo to Badulla, you can witness the glamour of the cool emerald hills carpeted by velvety green tea plantations and butterfly like women in their colorful sarees plucking lush green tea leaves. Cascading Dunhinda falls situated in this zone with its gushing streams will definitely make both your body and mind feel calm and comfortable with its peace and serenity while the Old Welekade Market which is incorrectly known as Badulla Dutch Fort and Mark’s Church would give a traveller the nostalgia of the colonial empire builders with its unique architecture. If you are a Buddhist, Muthiyanganaya temple which is believed to be a place where Lord Buddha set foot would be  the most important and venerated place in this territory.

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