Galabeddha Biso Pokuna

Galabeddha Biso Pokuna

Galabeddha Biso Pokuna (Galabeddha Queen’s Pond) is located near 28th mile post Monaragala – Pottuvil Road. Galabeddha is a rock built pond that belongs to the12th century AC, Queen Sugala Devi’s reign. Queen Sugala Devi was a Regional Queen. Water flows into the pond through dragon (Makara) mouths which have been fixed on the four cardinal directions of the pond. Near the pond there is a vestibule and a urinal. The Galabeddha biso pokuna is bounded by a parapet wall. Today one can see the parapet wall’s foundation. Near the pond ruins of the palace of the regional king/ queen can be seen today; only columns and stone foundation are visible along with ancient dagaba and image house.


Galabedda Biso Pond,Monaragala

Distance from Badulla


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