Buduruwagala Statues

Buduruwagala Statues

Buduruwagala, there are seven statues carved at Buduruwagala on a surface of a rock boulder which resembles that of an elephant. Buduruwagala Buddha’s statue is ranked as the largest in-situ statue in Sri Lanka. According to ‘Discovering Ceylon’ by R.L. Brohier, the Buduruwagala statues were rediscovered by him in the early period of the 19th century. The largest Buddha statue is centered by another
six statues on each sides. From the right side one can witness Sudhana Kumara’s statue followed by the Awalokitheswara statue, the Thara statue, The Deepankara Buddha statue (the largest statue at the middle and it is 13 meters high), Manju Shri statue, Maitri statue, and finally Vajrapani’s statue. There are many other archaeological sites surrounding Buduruwagala such as old ruined pagoda, a bathing
place, ruined building complex etc. Also in close proximity one can spot pictures of the Buduruwagala tank.


Buduruwagala Raja Maha Viharaya, Buduruwagala Rd

Distance from Badulla


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