Bambaragala pathana view point

Bambaragala pathana view point

‘Pathana’ in Sinhalese denotes a flat land. Bambaragala pathana is cultivated with Eucalyptus and Pine trees. At the end of the flat land is a cliff which offers spectatcular views. It is said that while the Rama – Ravana battle was on going, a fire ball landed on this land had destroyed all the vegetation. From the Bambaragala Pathana view point one can spot Namunukula Mountain, Buttala, Monaragala, Wellawaya and Bibilegma right below the cliff. Near the viewpoint remains of artilleries fixed point from the Colonial period can be found.
During the Colonial period the Bambaragala Pathana was utilized as a viewing point for enemy troops. Bambaragala Pathana is also popular as a camping site.


Bambaragala Pathana

Distance from Badulla


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