Nagadeepa Temple

Nagadeepa Temple

This is an important sacred place with archeological significance supposed to have been founded during Sitawaka Period. This temple is located in Ridimaliyadda Divisional Secretary Division. According to Thupawansa, Kanchaka stupa built by king Devanampiyatissa is said to be on their site. This site is also the place where King Dutugamunu encamped his troops in his battle against Cholas. Two age-old stupas, including a large number of ruins can be seen in this site currently. Nagadeepa reservoir located nearby has become yet another reason for attraction of tourist to this place. This sacred land can be reached by proceeding along Mahiyangana – Bibila highway for 17km and turning to the left and by proceeding for further 4kms.



Nagadeepa Temple, Badulla, Bibile - Uraniya - Mahiyangana Rd,Mahiyangana

Distance from Badulla


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