Manawela Falls

Manawela Falls

According to the folklore, this waterfall and the area around it was used for bathing and as a resting place by King Rawana. One of the underground tunnels of ISTHREE PURA is said to have been constructed to reach this area. King Walagamba went into hiding here during the first century B.C. The cave and the Carved out seat found here confirm this. The height of this waterfall is 60 ft and it appears clearly during October to April. To reach this site, one has to travel along Welimada – Uda Pussellawa highway, up to Bokututenna. The waterfall is only 1/2km away from Lunuwatte on Bokututenna road.


This is considered as the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka which is clearly visible from October to May and it is 64 ft in height and falling as two parts and has formed a large pool of water at the base of the fall. This site can be easily reached by proceeding along Uduharawa Perawella road via Ambagasdowa from Welimada  to Perawella village and 1km from there. Also this site can be reached by taking a turn from Rendapola junction from Welimada – Nuwaraeliya road  and from proceeding 5km in Galahagama road and by entering to Perwella Road and proceeding about 3 km.


Manawela Falls

Distance from Badulla


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