muthiyangana vihara

muthiyangana vihara

According to the folk stories, the name Muthiyangana was given to it as the stupa enshrined the sacred Mukthaka datu (solidified sweat) of Lord Buddha. This is one of the “Solosmasthana” (the sixteen religious sites visited by Lord Buddha) and the folk stories say that the constructions were started at in King Dewanampiyathissa Era and later it was reconstructed by the King Second Detuthis. In 1979, Muthiyangana area was declared as a sacred area. Vesak Perahera are conducted annually in a ceremounius manner by this temple and this sacred place is situated in 0.5km away from Badulla town.


Muthiyangana vihara,Badulla,Sri Lanka

Distance from Badulla


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