ella rock

ella rock

Ella Rock is a popular view point which includes the inviting Ella Rock Hike. Ella Rock Mountain offers panoramic views extending towards the eastern side of Sri Lanka. The sun rise can also be witnessed early in the morning. Ella rock, with Eucalyptus plantation, belongs to the Forest Department. And Ella rock is facing Ella Mini Adam’s Peak. Ella Rock Mountain has two view points. Second view point is located 200 meters away from the main view point; from this point Upper Ravana Falls and lower part of the main Ravana
falls and Ella – Wellawaya road can be seen clearly. The pathway lies upon the Kitalella waterfall. If you like to view sun rise from Ella Rock, you have to start your hike at about 4.00 am in the morning from Ella town. It’s advised to take a good guide from Ella town for a reasonable price. Only way to Ella rock is by foot. There are no other motor able roads to Ella Rock. But, there’s an alternative route starting from Heel Oya.


Ella Rock,Ella,Sri Lanka

Distance from Badulla


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