nine arch bridge

nine arch bridge

Nine Arches Railway Bridge is one of the most attractive travel spots in Ella. Almost all the foreign travelers to Ella do not forget to visit nine Arches Railway Bridge. It was very difficult to transport steel from England due to world war. So, the British and Ceylon railway engineers thought about inland materialsto erect bridges towards Badulla side. So, they erected three arches, four arches and nine arches bridges between Ella and Demodara Railway Stations. The Nine Arches Railway Bridge is 300 feet (91.44 m) in height and 25 feet (7.62m) wide. And the railway track and the nine arches bridge is erected to a scale 1:44 design inclination and with 9 degree curve and 30 feet distance in between two columns of the bridge. They have made a cement, sand and stone 3:2:1 ratio mixture and made cement
blocks form the mixture. The architectural plan was drawn by H.R. Marwood, and the Assistant Engineer was Harry Charnly, and Ceylon railway engineer was D.J. Wimalasoorendara. At the time of erecting the bridge Harry Charnly accidently fell from a shuttle and instantly died on the spot. His body had been buriedat St. Andrew’s Church, Badulla.


Nine arch bridge , Ella,Sri lanka.

Distance from Badulla


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