little adam’s peak

little adam’s peak

Mini Adam’s Peak also named as ‘Puchi Sri Padaya’, is a small mountain 1172 meters high above the mean sea level. It’s 2 ½ km away from Ella town. Very popular and famous view point that facilitates a 360 degree view. Although it does not contain a foot print of the Buddha like on the Adam’s Peak Mountain, villages still call the mountain so. To reach Mini Adam’s peak one has to walk Ella Namunukula road about 1 ½ km and then turn into Mini Adam’s Peak road (towards Ravan’s Zipline direction). While you are walking as your right side you can see Ella Rock Mountain and Ella Wellawaya road like a ribbon in zenith. Not only that Ravana cave, Ravana
temple are also clearly visible; the upper part of the Ravana Waterfall (Upper Ravana Falls) can be also seen. When you reach the top of the Mini Adam’s Peak, St. Catherine seat at Nayabeddha Mountain, and on the rear side towards tea factory, Nine Peaked Mountain– Namunukula mountain range as well as the Ballaketuwa Mountain can be seen. Through the valley one can see towards Wellawaya, Buttala areas in bluish color. The ideal time to visit Mini Adam’s Peak is early in the morning as one can view the lovely sun rise through the mountains.


Little adam’s peak,Ella, Sri Lanka.

Distance from Badulla


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